Our Australia Day!!

I had an awesome Australia Day up north at Stockton Beach.

We went with cousins, my dad, my little brother and our uncle and auntie. We started out at 4.00 am. We all wanted to sleep in. Instead we packed our things and drove off to Stockton. We got there just as the sun rose and Dad and my uncle let air out of the tyres. We then entered the beach and found a spot.My dad, my uncle and the kids (including me) went fishing and got our feet wet by the high tide. Although we had many bites on our four lines, we were unsuccessful and caught no fish at all.

After some time, we decided to pack up and go for a drive around the beach. There were a lot of people coming in as we drove around. When we finally located the exit and pumped air into the tyres, we began the drive home, stopping of at a service station to fuel up and get a snack.

Then we went to our cousins house to pick up the rest of our bags as we stayed there the night before, said goodbye to everyone and my dad drove my brother and I home.

I have many photos on a page. Go have a look!


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